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Introducing the AGV K1 Helmet

AGV K1 helmet

The new AGV K1 helmet has landed at MSG Bike Gear! The K1 is a full face helmet with a great sporting look for every day riding. At launch there are 6 colours, including 3 Rossi themed designs - the Edge 46, the Flavum 46, and our favourite, the Soleluna 2015 replica. The other colours available are white, matt black and gloss black. Check out our gallery below.

The AGV K1 helmet is feature-packed, with a double-D retention system, removable lining and a Pinlock-ready visor. The helmet has a racing-developed aerodynamic shape with a wind tunnel tested spoiler, so it will be at home on the road or the track.

The thermoplastic outer shell comes in 2 sizes to ensure maximum rider comfort and safety. Inside the helmet, AGV have used 4 different densities of EPS to guarantee superior protection against impact. There's plenty of ventilation too, with a Pista GP-R inspired central front intake along with 2 additional top side intakes, a rear exhaust and a large chin vent. The vents are fully adjustable and easy to operate with gloved hands, so you can be sure to get the optimal airflow while riding.

Prices start from £139.99. Browse the AGV K1 range here or view our gallery below.

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