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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Bikers

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Bikers

Are you struggling to find the perfect biking gift for a loved one this Christmas? We've put together our top 10 Christmas gift ideas for bikers to help take the stress out of your Christmas shopping! Whatever your budget, there's sure to be something to inspire you on our list.

Alpinestars Tech Neck Warmer

10. Alpinestars Tech Neck Warmer

This fleece-lined neck warmer from Alpinestars is ideal to keep the wind chill out on those cold winter morning blasts. With double-layer insulation, an elasticated insert to hold it in position and air holes for breathability, this neck warmer is well worth the price.
Price: £19.99
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Cellularline USB Power Bank

9. Cellularline USB Power Bank

We all know what it's like when you need to use your phone and its battery has ran out. This handy little power bank is small enough to pop into a jacket pocket, so you can always keep your phone, MP3 player or other device charged while you're out and about. It's also really handy to keep your devices topped up on a weekend trip away.
Price: £14.99
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Oxford Base Layers Thermal Top

8. Oxford Base Layers Thermal Top

An essential bit of kit for anyone who will be riding in colder climates. The thermal properties of this base layer top from Oxford will keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. A compression fit supports your muscles to reduce fatigue, and a mixture of seamless and flat seam construction keep it comfortable.
Price: £19.99
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Guy Martin Merchandise

7. Guy Martin Merchandise

It's difficult to find someone who doesn't like Guy Martin, so why not treat them to some stylish merchandise from Red Torpedo. The t-shirt designs reflect Guy's personality to a tea (get it?), or if you really feel like treating someone, why not splash out on a replica Guy Martin helmet.
Price: from £14.99
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Oxford Stormex Bike Cover

6. Oxford Stormex Bike Cover

If you're shopping for someone who keeps their bike outside, then a Stormex cover will be a welcome gift. Not only will you be helping to protect their pride and joy from the weather, but a cover is an effective way of hiding what's underneath, so you'll also be helping protect against opportunistic thieves.
Price: from £69.99
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Oxford Hotgrips Heated Grips

5. Oxford Hotgrips Heated Grips

Any biker will tell you that cold hands in winter are the biggest zapper of concentration. So why not treat them to some heated grips to keep their hands lovely and warm, and help keep them safe through even the toughest of winters.
Price: £79.99
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Gerbing XR12 Heated Gloves

4. Gerbing XR12 Heated Gloves

Heated grips are great, but they only warm the inside of the hand. For ultimate cold protection, go for some heated gloves. Gerbing are the masters of heated kit so you know you're buying quality with these heated gloves. With all the parts required to hook them up to the bike's battery and optional 12V battery pack, they offer the best of both worlds.
Price: £159.99
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Interphone Sport Intercom Twin Pack

3. Interphone Sport Intercom Twin Pack

The Interphone Sport intercom is dedicated to everyone who wants to stay connected. You can make & receive phone calls, listen to music or get directions from a GPS, as well as keep in contact with other riders in your group. You can even share music with a passenger, so it could be a present for you both if you're a pillion passenger!
Price: £299.99
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Drift Stealth 2 Action Camera

2. Drift Stealth 2 Action Camera

The Drift Stealth 2 is packed with features and accessories that make it excellent value for money. Boasting full HD 1080p recording at 30fps, it's perfect for capturing action shots on a track day or just having a bit of fun on a weekend ride out. Who knows, you could even become the next star of YouTube.
Price: £99.99
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TW Steel Special Edition VR46 Valentino Rossi Watch

1. TW Steel Special Edition VR46 Valentino Rossi Watch

This fantastic TW Steel Valentino Rossi watch will make the ultimate gift for any die-hard Rossi fan. Sleek design and oozing with quality, who wouldn't be proud to wear this on their wrist? But hurry, this watch is strictly limited edition and we only have one left!
Price: £299.99
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Still struggling for ideas? Then why not check out our clearance section for some excellent bargains.

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