Alpinestars Motorcycle Clothing

Alpinestars has long been a world leading brand of motorcycle clothing. Worn by some of the best racers in the business, their one-piece leathers and leather trousers, jackets and boots are some of the best protective kit you can buy. Alpinestars also offer a comprehensive range of road gear including high performance textile jackets, jeans and gloves. It's easy to see why all kinds of riders - from commuters and tourers to racers - always go back to Alpinestars.

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Alpinestars Motorcycle Clothing

In 1963, a man in Italy, in a town called Asolo began making boots for a new sport that was evolving, Motocross. The man was a leather craftsman named Sante Mazzarolo. He grew the business, and purchased a space for his business’ headquarters in Maser, Italy. Mr. Mazzarolo continued manufacturing boots and improving them through riders’ feedback, and climbed to the top of the industry. In the early 1970s, a rider named Roger de Coster won 5 World Motocross Championship using the products of Mr. Mazzarolo. The business evolved to become Alpinestars Motorcycle Clothing.

Motorbike Clothing from Alpinestars

Alpinestars began producing on-road equipment for riders later in the 1970s. The ingenuity of Alpinestars helped push the company to America, where they opened another headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Alpinestars then began developing very technical and efficient equipment that was tested by Carlos Checa. They also spread their reach across clothing in the racing industry by beginning to develop footwear, and eventually clothing for auto racing, such as Formula 1 and Indycar. Eventually, they created an Auto Suit Department in 2000. Alpinestars partnered with Honda in the Downhill Mountain Bike World Cup in 2004, and made a separate division in Los Angeles focused on casual motorcycling clothing.

Today, Alpinestars Motorcycle Clothing has headquarters in California, Northern Italy, Tokyo, and Bangkok, Thailand, in which they employ over 500 people. Their clothing is used in Formula 1, NASCAR, AMA, MotoGP, and World Motocross by the most elite racers and riders. They offer a great variety of products including on and off-road clothing, women’s clothing, auto clothing, cycling clothing, casual clothing, as well as backpacks and watches.

How much does Alpinestars Motorcycle Clothing Cost?

Some prices can be very hefty for the top of the range gear they sponsor professionals with, however. Some jackets can cost upwards of £1,000. There are other options that are less expensive of course, making them much more affordable to satisfy the normal consumer. One of the more recent releases is the Tech 10 Boot, a pair of boots (approx. £600) that has reduced weight compared to other Alpinestars boots, along with other various improvements.

Alpinestars Airbag Vest

Alpinestars has also developed an independent airbag system for motorcyclists. You may be wondering how airbags work on a motorcycle. Alpinestars has produced a protective, inflatable vest, named Tech-Air to be worn underneath a motorcycling jacket. The vest protects the wearer‘s back, shoulders, kidney, chest, and upper abdomen. The airbag system works from -10 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius. The airbag don’t have to be attached to the motorcycle, which gives the rider much more movement. The lithium-ion battery on the Tech-Air allows it to last for 25 hours, and turns off while no one is riding.

To give another example of the Alpinestars products, let‘s look at the Supermono driving shoes. The shoes have heat-resistant Nomex lining. The Supermonos are also extremely lightweight due to them being made of flexible kangaroo leather. They also have the designs printed to save even more weight. The shoes also use Velcro to cut back on its weight.

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