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Heated Motorbike Gloves

Heated Motorbike Gloves

MSG supply a wide range of heated motorbike gloves from brands including Furygan, Gerbing and Oxford. Heated Gloves can either be powered directly from your bike’s battery, or run independently from their own battery power supply for anything up to 8 hours.

The reasons for choosing heated gloves are obvious to most riders who are familiar with UK weather. These gloves can provide a constant heat source at many different levels, allowing you to keep comfortable, whilst ensuring that you do not lose any control and bike feedback through numb hands.


Our Range of Heated Gloves

We are one of the UKs leading suppliers for motorcycle gear, with one of our popular items being heated gloves. Heated gloves come in a wide variety of sizes and types, although they all work toward the same purpose. Electric gloves are the best way to keep your hands warm and is great for those who suffer from poor circulation in the cold.

Looking for the best heated motorcycle gloves? Then you are at the right place. We only supply the highest quality gear from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

What are Heated Gloves?

Heated Gloves are a great solution to keeping your hands warm when on your motorbike. Tiny wires are woven into the inside of the glove and it is either powered by connecting the wires to the bike directly or using rechargeable batteries. They typically have a battery dedicated to each glove that connects directly into the glove and fits in a pocket on the outside of the glove.

When the battery is turned on, and electrical current is passed through those wires they heat up.  The heat generated depends on the amount of current the battery passes to the wire, which depends on the battery setting.

Are Heated Gloves Safe?

This is a question that gets asked many times when it comes to electrical products, especially when the item is wearable. You can be assured that all of the heated gloves that we supply are only to the highest quality and meet all the safety regulations. There is no risk of getting an electrical shock from this product, even if the wires were exposed.

OK, so now you are probably wondering if they will catch on fire. (If not I'm sure you are now). Luckily, The answer is another no.  The batteries have safety features built in to shut them in case of a short circuit, but more importantly the battery isn't capable of bringing the fabrics to their flash point temperature (the point at which it would catch fire).

Why are Motorcycle Gloves Important?

Motorcycle gloves are rigorously tested on racetracks worldwide to ensure they provide increased protection for bikers using them. Most motorbike gloves are made from leather and come with additional features such as enhanced knuckle protection, Kevlar reinforcement, race gauntlets, finger reinforcement and increased airflow. The top 5 reasons to wear motorcycle gloves when out on your bike are:


  1. To protect against falls and crashes
  2. Gloves provide better protection for your hands
  3. Helps to prevent numbness in cold weather
  4. Your hands are essential to riding and controlling your bike
  5. Motorbike gloves provide better grip

MSG Bike Gear stock one of the largest ranges of motorcycles gloves available in the UK. The motorbike gloves we offer are designed to provide both support and protection when riding. No matter what type of motorcycle gloves you might be looking for you can count on MSG Bike Gear to supply them to you. Browse our range of gloves for motorcycles online today or alternatively get in touch and one of our team will be more than happy to assist.

Why Choose Msg Bike Gear for Heated Motorbike Gloves?

We have been supplying heated motorcycle gloves to customers throughout the UK for many years and have become well-known for the quality of the gloves we offer and the service we provide to our customers. Stocking a great range of products means our customers can benefit from the best motorcycle gloves for their needs. Some of the reasons we think you should buy motorbike gloves from us are:

  • Range of heated motorcycle gloves to choose from
  • We stock bike gloves from leading industry brands such as Akito and Oxford
  • FREE delivery available across the UK
  • Pop in store or buy online today

Contact Us for Heated Gloves Today!

We have provided our services for many years, throughout the UK. So, when you are in need of heated motorcycle gloves you can be assured that we have a supply from some of the industry's leading manufacturers. Get in touch today for more information and to find out which product may be more suited to your needs. We will be more than happy to help you! Grab a pair of our heated gloves today and don't worry about getting cold hands when riding, again.