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Rukka Motorcycle clothing is designed and manufactured to meet the demanding Rukka Defence & Comfort criteria. These meticulous internal standards ensures that a rider gets the best possible experience and protection from their clothing.

All Rukka Motorcycle Clothing boasts the inclusion of Rukka Air Protectors. These are the industries only breathable shoulder, elbow, knee, shin and hip protectors in the market which meet EN 1624-1 2012. Operating well across any weather conditions, the elastic protector divides the possible impact into a wide area whilst acting as a shock absorber.

The reflective materials used in the garments look normal under daylight conditions, however glow bright white when lit by car headlights in the dark, ensuring maximum safety. Each piece of Rukka Motorcycle clothing is designed for a particular riding condition, including rain, wind and sunshine. Rukka underwear and accessories enhance the Rukka experience further.

If you have any queries about the range, just get in touch. Alternatively, if you would like to try any Rukka products on for size, why not pop in store?