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FA367TT 66.9 x 36.1 x 10.75mm FA367/2TT 66.9 x 36.1 x 8.5mm 1 pad left / 1 pad right FA367TT APRILIA MXV 450 09-10 R RXV 450/550 Enduro 06-10 R SXV 450/550 Supermotard 06-10 R FANTIC Caballero 50 Regolarita Competizione 06-09 R Caballero 50 Supersei Competizione 07-08 R Caballero 125 Regolarita Competizione 07-09 R Caballero Regolarita Competizione Mini 50 08-09 R KAWASAKI KX 250 F (KX 250 N1/N2) 04-05 R KX 250 F (T6F/T7F/T8F) 06-08 R KX 250 W9F/XAFB 09-10 R KX 450 F (D6F/D7F/D8F/E9F/EAF) 06-10 R KLX 450 R (A8F/A9F/AAF) 08-10 R SHERCO 2.5 i Enduro (4T) 06-09 R Enduro 2.5i F (4T) (inc SE models) 08-10 R SM 2.5i Supermotard 08 R SX 2.5i F Moto Cross 10 R Enduro SE 3.0i (4T) 10 R SM 450i 04-09 R Enduro 4.5i 04-10 R SM 4.5i F Supermoto 04-07 R SM 4.5i F Black Panther Supermotard 08-10 R 4.5i Enduro (4T) 06-09 R 5.1i Enduro 06-09 R Enduro 5.1iF 07-10 R 5.1i Supermotard 06-09 R SM 5.1iF Supermotard 07 R SM 5.1iF Black Panther 08-10 R SUZUKI RM 125 XCK8 09 R RM 250 XCK8 09 R RM-Z 250 K4/K5/K6/K7/K8/K9/L0 04-10 R RMX 450 ZL0 10 R RM-Z 450 K5/K6/K7/K8/K9/L0 05-10 R TM SMX 660 06 R YAMAHA YZ 125 R/S/T/V/W/X/Y/Z (2T) 03-10 R WR 250 FR/FS/FT/FV/FW/FX/FY/FZ (4T) 03-10 R YZ 250 R/S/T/V/W/X/Y/Z (2T) 03-10 R YZ 250 FR/FS/FT/FV/FW/FX/FY/FZ 03-10 R WR 450 FR/FS/FT/FV/FW/FX/FY (4T) 03-10 R YZ 450 FR/FS/FT/FV/FW/FX/FY/FZ 03-10 R FA367/2TT BETA RR 50 Motard (Spoke wheel) 09-10 R RR Motard 50 Track cast wheels 08-10 R RR 50 Standard 09-10 R Alp 125 (4T) 05-10 R RR 125 4T Enduro 09-10 R RE 125 4T Enduro 08-10 R RR 125 Motard (4T) 08-09 R Urban 125 08-10 R Alp 200 (4T) 05-10 R RR 250 4T Enduro 05-07 R Alp 4.0 (4T/349cc) 05-10 R Urban 200 08-10 R M4 350 Motard 07-10 R RR 400 4T Enduro 05-10 R RR 450 Enduro 05-10 R RR 520 Enduro 05-10 R Equivalents OE # - FA367 5UN W0046 00 5UN W0046 50 5UN W0046 51 43082 0006 K4308 0006 IC3 W0046 10 IC3 W0046 50 25.25362 0631 69100 35810 69100 28820 43082 0048 9100797 69096-05 Equivalents OE # - FA367/2TT 2525345000 Competitor X Ref Dunlopad DP940 Ferodo FDB2162 SBS 790 Vesrah VD271 MATERIAL AVAILABILITY AND PART NO. STD OPTIONS FA HH R MXS EPFA FA367TT - FA367R MXS367 EPFA367HH EBC Organic Brake Pads FA series Kevlar organic pads provide fingertip stopping power and are the preferred choice for many sportbike riders; having low disc attack characteristics and medium lifetime. TT Series Moto-X Sport and Enduro Pads Cool running carbon based brake pad compound for sport use in moto-x and ATV applications. For mud; sand or wet conditions requiring longer life; use our sintered range opposite. R Series Sintered ATV and Moto-X Replacement Pads US made sintered copper alloy pads for sport and utility riding alike in normal off road riding. R Suffix = High Durability Sintered Pad. MXS Moto-X Race Pads Ultra high friction American made sintered copper alloy pads with diamond ground surface finish for fast brake-in; these pads come complete with external hex drive slider pins and are suitable for all fast moto-x riding. The Extreme Pro is a range targeting the Race market both street and off road but so many bikers have expressed an interest in the product we have extended it to a number of popular sportbikes and cruisers. For this reason we can expect sales to the high end Street market also on this new line. The pads are a VERY expensive blend of sintered bronze including new age materials such as Tungsten and Moly metal to bring you the grippiest; most fade resistant pad we have ever tested. We tested 7 other materials in developing Extreme Pro and the graphs opposite show the BEST of those competitors whom we have comfortably beaten with our new blend. Extreme Pro completely replaces the GFA range which will be now phased out. HH Suffix = High Performance Sintered Pad

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