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Furygan RG17 Mens Motorcycle Gloves - Black/red

Furygan RG17 Mens Motorcycle Gloves -  Black/red - Furygan -  - MSG BIKE GEAR - 1

Furygan RG17 Mens Motorcycle Gloves - Black/red

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? RG -17 is CE homologated.? Palm 100% made with g oatleather, for softness, protectionfeeling and comfort.? Furygan Skin Protect lining– approved by Furygan’s R&D(Motion Lab) to reinforceleather products in terms oftearing and abrasion resistance.? External protection shell formetacarpals and palm.? Finger stitch seams positionedon the outside, and EXOprotectors, for better comfort.?The goat leather and thepre-shaping offers a high levelof feeling on the handlebars.? Reinforcements made withdoubled leather layer onareas exposed to abrasion in acrash situation (palm, side ofthe hand, fingers).The positioning of theseelements has been designed toprotect hands from shocks butalso from abrasions on tarmac.? Articulated metacarpalprotection shell and stretchpanels on thumb and indexto ease finger flexion.?Silicone reinforcement gripson the palm, index andmiddle finger.?Between each finger, at thebottom, has been placed aspecific textile insert to reacha superior stage of comfort.

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