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Oxford SP-J4 Textile ARAMID Jeans - Blackhort

Oxford SP-J4 Textile Cargo ARAMID Motorbike Motorcycle Jeans - Black Short - Oxford -  - MSG BIKE GEAR - 1

Oxford SP-J4 Textile ARAMID Jeans - Blackhort


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Oxford SP-J4 Textile ARAMID Jeans - Black - Short


The SP-J4 is a full specification aramid reinforced motorcycle riding cargo pant.

Yes they look good, but here's why they're technically better:

  • The yellow stuff is Aramid. It's one of those miracle materials. Only 100% Aramid is used on SP-J jeans. Anything else is a cheap mix which won't have the same protective properties. Avoid it, it's a waste of money.
  • Aramid panels are generously sculpted to the shape of the jean and stitched into a triple seam at the sides- this is the most likely point of impact.
  • Soft mesh pockets hold CE EN 1621-1 armour in place while allowing your skin to breathe
  • Proper heavy duty fly zips are used, not fiddly buttons!
  • Large, strong belt loops are featured for durability in a harsh environment
  • Large aperture pockets are much better suited to motorcycling than fiddly small ones


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