What is a Pinlock anti-fog insert lens?
Riding with a fogged up helmet visor can be really annoying and dangerous, as it disrupts the rider’s vision and focus on the road. The fog build-up in a visor can get even thicker and blurrier during cold and rainy weather conditions, making it even more difficult for the rider to see what’s ahead.


To solve this issue, the Pinlock visor insert was created. The Pinlock visor insert is made out of a material that contains moisture absorbing properties, which reacts like a sponge and absorbs moisture effectively.


The inner part of the Pinlock is lined with a silicon bead, which creates a double glazed window type of effect when the Pinlock visor insert is attached to the helmet visor. The pocket of air that is trapped in between the visors acts as an insulator for the inside temperatures in the motorcycle helmet. Efficient absorption properties combined with the double glazed like feature, the Pinlock visor insert is the most effective, durable and affordable anti-fog solution on the market.



With the idea of creating a versatile and interchangeable* anti-fog solution, we collaborate closely with our helmet partners to integrate the Pinlock Pins system to their helmet visors, which converts the visor to a Pinlock ready visor, allowing the Pinlock visor insert to be installed or changed seamlessly.


*Pinlock visor interchangeability is only specific to the model of the face shield. For example, it is not possible to install a Pinlock visor for made for an AGV visor to a Shoei helmet visor.

The Pinlock Pins that are integrated to Pinlock ready visors are designed to be eccentric, allowing riders to adjust the tension of their Pinlock insert lenses, that increases the grip of the silicone seal on the Pinlock visor to the helmet visor.



Pinlock visor inserts are diversified to 3 performance level variants, Pinlock 30, 70 and 120. The numbers are used to indicate the levels of fog free clearance which the lenses provides.
The Pinlock performance level visors will be offered in various colored options, such as light smoke, dark smoke, yellow and ProtecTINT.
For a broader and edge to edge anti-fog coverage on helmet visors, riders can opt for a 100% Max Vision option.
Here is a video on how to install a pinlock insert onto a Mida Delta Helmet