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Flip Front Motorbike Helmets

Flip Front Motorbike Helmets

Need to remove your helmet to have a cigarette, pay for petrol or make deliveries? Then you will be needing one of our flip front helmets. These helmets offer the perfect middle ground between a full face helmet and an open face helmet. Flip Front Helmets can also be known as ‘modular’, ‘convertible’ or ‘flip face helmet’. When a Flip Front helmet is closed, it resembles a full face helmet thanks to a chin bar which is designed to offer protection against face impacts. The chin bar can either be flipped up, or with some helmets removed altogether.

Here at MSG, we stock a huge range of Flip Front Motorbike helmets from brands such as Shark, AGV, Caberg and Spada. Our range starts £69.99 and for the more expensive options, such as the Schuberth C3 Pro Flip Front DVS Helmet at £549.99 we offer fantastic interest free credit arrangements.



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