The Correct Safety Gear When Riding A Motorbike

When riding a motorbike, it’s extremely vital that you’re using the right protective gear to keep you safe from the likes of dangerous weather conditions or potential hazards in the road ahead. 

To lessen the likeliness of an injury, MSG Bike Gear offers riders the most high-quality motorbike clothing.

Head - Helmet

To attain the most protection to your head whilst cruising, consider buying a helmet that offers comfortability. Make sure that the helmet isn’t touching your face and the cheek pads aren’t too tight around your face. 

Eyes, Ears, Face - Balaclava

It’s a known fact that motorbike riders ride at high speeds. For this reason, it’s essential to protect your eyes, ears and face sensibly. If a rider fails to do so, extreme exposure can lead to irritated eyes, being hit in the face by general road debris or noise-deafening wind.

Hands - Gloves

One of the most important parts of your safety kit is gloves. As well as offering the highest protection for your hands (from cuts, wind, snow and other abrasions), motorbike gloves provide the rider with good grip and a reduction in vibration, regardless of the road surface.

Torso - Jackets

Riding in adverse weather conditions? Whether you’re looking for leather or waterproof jackets, it’s essential that you purchase the correct jacket to protect you from wind, rain and other dangerous weather conditions.

Legs - Pants

Offering you protection from cuts, rips and other abrasions, it’s vital that you keep your legs protected from the road with high-quality motorbike pants. Remember to wear light colours so that other road users can see you.

Feet - Boots

To properly utilise the brake and pedals, the correct footwear is needed. Prevent foot and ankle injuries and wear the correct boots (race/sports, touring, adventure, motocross or casual boots). Dress for the ride and potential hazards on the road and wear the correct boots to minimise injury.