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Optimate 2 12V Battery Optimiser / Charger

Brand: Optimate

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Optimate 2 12V Battery Optimiser / Charger

The OptiMate 2 smart charger-maintainer is the most cost effective solution for long term maintenance of a 12V batteries in any vehicle / craft that is stored in or outdoors.

OptiMate 2 is ideal for standby power applications - the interactive standby mode during long term maintenance reverts to full charge mode if it senses high current drain from the battery.

How it works


  1. Battery check: OptiMate 2 must be connected to a battery (retaining a minimum of 2V) to activate its output.


  1. Bulk charge stage: Charges at 0.8 Amps constant current to efficiently bring the battery up to 14.3V.


  1. Verification stage: Immediately follows bulk charge mode during which the battery's ability to accept a charge and thereafter its charged status is verified. A battery in poor health unable to hold a charge is indicated by the yellow charge LED alternating with the green maintain LED every 3 seconds. For a battery that appears healthy the voltage is limited at 13.6V for 30 minutes while the circuit monitors the actual voltage and the current absorbed by the battery, during which the green maintain LED remains on. If during the 30 minutes the automatic circuit senses the battery requires further charging, the program reverts to bulk charge infrequently until a full charge is achieved.    


  1. Maintenance / float charge stage: consists of 30-minute float charge periods followed by 30-minute ‘rest’ periods during which there is no charge current. This alternating “50% duty cycle” prevents loss of electrolyte in sealed batteries and minimizes gradual loss of water from the electrolyte in batteries with filler caps, and thereby contributes significantly to optimising the service life of irregularly or seasonally used batteries. During the 30-minute charge period the circuit offers current to the battery within a safe 13.6V voltage limit (“float charge”) allowing it to draw whatever small current is necessary to sustain it at (or close to) full charge and compensate for any small electrical loads imposed by connected circuitry, or the natural gradual self-discharge of the battery itself.   During the 30-minute rest period the battery voltage is monitored. For a good battery the green maintain LED should remain on. The program will return to bulk charge if the battery voltage cannot remain above the test level during the rest period.


  1. Interactive standby: A load that causes the battery voltage to suddenly reduce will return the program to Bulk charge mode. After the battery has been recharged the program returns to the maintenance charge & rest cycle. OptiMate 2 can remain connected to the battery indefinitely - the battery will remain cool and safe. And optimally charged. Of course.


Technical Specifications

Recommended for:

AGM / MF, STD, GEL and spiral cell batteries from 3Ah to 96Ah

Programme control:

fully automatic

Input Voltage:

100-240V 50-60Hz global input

Input current max:

0.15A @ 230V

Typical annual energy cost:

less than £1.00 per year (continuous maintenance)

Reverse drain current:

less than 1mA

Output current (bulk charge):


Automatic desulphation:


Charge time limit:

Safe to leave connected for months

Maintain / test cycles:

30 min/30 min (alternating hourly)

Charge retention test:

> 12.4V = GOOD (green LED)


167 x 65 x 46mm



Enclosure classification:



easy direct wall mounting

Input cable length:


Output cable length:


Included Accessories:

O1 (SAE-71) weatherproof eyelet lead; O4 (SAE-74) clamps lead for bench charging

Operation temperature range:

-20°C / +40°C

Product Reviews

Optimate 2 12V Battery Optimiser / Charger

Optimate 2 12V Battery Optimiser / Charger

Optimate 2 12V Battery Optimiser / Charger