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Optimate 4 12V Battery Optimiser / Charger

Brand: Optimate

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Optimate 4 12V Battery Optimiser / Charger


Recommended by virtually every major motorcycle manufacturer!

OptiMate 4, the new 6-stage battery optimiser specifically designed for modern 12V starter batteries from 2.5 to 50 AH capacity. Ideal for motorcycles, ATVs, jet-skis etc.

The latest OptiMate 4 takes the proven OptiMate interactive charging programme even further – features include:

  • Automatic Self-Diagnostic Test: Immediately on connection, the microprocessor checks the circuit and flashes all LEDs to confirm correct operation.
  • Dual-Stage Recovery Action: If the diagnostic check determines the battery is sulphated (deep-discharged) the first recovery stage attempts to drive in an initial current by applying up to 16V for a brief limited period. If this is unsuccessful, the TURBO recovery stage engages (indicated by a flashing recovery LED), which increases the applied voltage to up to 22V. This action is limited to a maximum of two hours.
  • Charge Current Display: Central LED column display shows delivered current. This, together with the charge status information provides the user with a detailed insight regarding the state of charge and the state of health of the battery.
  • High Power: OptiMate 4 has a maximum output current of 0.8A.
  • High Efficiency: Despite delivering 33% more power than the OptiMate 3, OptiMate 4 consumes less electricity.
  • Microprocessor Control: Provides enhanced operation.
  • Improved Connectors: All weatherproof connectors now feature "glide-guide" inserts for easier connection.
  • Enhanced Battery Testing: 'Traffic-Light' LEDs indicate results of the end-of-programme test for power drain (whether in the battery or due to a problem in the bike´s electrical system).
  • IP64 Weatherproof Enclosure
  • Supplied complete with two connection leads - one with croc-clips (TM-74) plus a fused connection lead with eyelet terminals (TM-71).


  • Input: 220 - 240V AC
  • Output Voltage: 12V DC
  • Max Output Current: 0.8A

In Detail:

  • Maximum output current increased to 0,8A without increasing energy consumption
  • 48 hour time limit on stages up to the first of the cyclic tests for battery drain to avoid wasting time and energy on batteries with a shorted-out cell
  • 19 possible LED indications displayed on 10 LEDs on the stunning new control panel
  • 5 possible results of the cyclic hourly tests for power drain /retention are displayed on a combination of green, yellow & red TEST LEDs
  • IP64 weatherproof sealed housing with built-in mounting lugs (replaceable if damaged for example by over-tightening a fixing screw)
  • New cable bushings avoid insulation stress in ultra-cold temperatures
  • New "glide-guide" connector pin inserts avoid "sticky" connections
Product Reviews

Optimate 4 12V Battery Optimiser / Charger

Optimate 4 12V Battery Optimiser / Charger

Optimate 4 12V Battery Optimiser / Charger