FROM THE TRACK: A successful return trip to Donington!

A solid return to Donington Park for Chrissy!

A solid fifth place at the return to Donington Park!

So soon after bagging a fantastic third and fourth place at Knockhill, Chrissy Rouse and Morello Racing Kawasaki were back at it, seeing the World Superbike Championship programme's sole UK visit of the year!

With the event allowing much less practice time than normally given, with only one session for practice then immediately on to qualifying on the next track visit, Chrissy qualified in 10th place for the race on Sunday.

Immediately after the race kicked off, Chrissy made a brilliant start by pushing his way up the track by 3 places in the opening lap! In eighth place, it only took another half-lap before Chrissy was riding his way into fifth place - another 2 positions gained!

The leading pack however had also been off to a brilliant start and unfortunately, while Chrissy was fighting to push up his position, they had also been hammering on through the race and had built a significant gap between themselves and the second pack.

Unphased by this, Chrissy continued to power on and was able to comfortably settle for a fifth place finish - bagging himself 11 points!

What's a race review without a few words from the man himself?

Over to Chrissy!

“It wasn’t the easiest of weekends, so all in all I’m pleased that I was able to bank a strong fifth and bring home a solid haul of points,” he said. “I was a bit disappointed when I qualified 10th because I knew it would be hard to fight back from there, but I was determined to give it my best shot.

“We struggled with a few things over the weekend, a few things just didn’t quite click for me so I had to work hard. It was a tough race but I just put my head down and fought through as much as I could. The pace was very quick so I think I did the best job I could on the day.

“It’s Snetterton next in a few weeks and I’m really looking forward to it – I really like the circuit and I think the Kawasaki will work well there.”

*Images by Bonnie Lane