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Wearing a standard pair of jeans on a motorcycle is a bad idea, in fact you may as well not wear anything, as standard jeans offer almost no protection in the event of an accident. This of course, is a problem for those who reject leathers and want to ride in casual wear, but now there is a happy medium, Bull it Motorcycle Jeans.

Bull-It have created a wide range of motorcycle jeans, specifically designed and developed to provide protection for the rider, whilst not sacrificing either comfort or style. To name just a few features which prove the Bull It commitment to bikers, Bull It jeans are:

Abrasion resistant, triple stitched, breathable and wicking, lightweight, water repellent, cut resistant, CE EN 13595 Approved and boast a Thermal Barrier to prevent road friction burns.

If you have any questions about the Bull-It brand or would like to try a pair on for size, get in touch or pop in store.