Experience the ultimate blend of style and functionality with Keis heated clothing. Powered by advanced "far infrared technology," Keis brings the comforting warmth of the sun to chilly rides, ensuring riders stay cosy even in the harshest winds.

Discover the incredible Dual Power range from Keis, offering unparalleled versatility. Choose to power your heated clothing using an optional battery attachment or by connecting directly to your motorcycle battery. This flexibility allows you to stay warm both on and off the bike, no matter where your adventure takes you.

Elevate your riding experience with Keis, the trusted brand that combines style, functionality, and reliability. Shop now and enjoy the warmth and assurance that only Keis can provide. Discover a wide range of motorcycle helmets to complement your Keis clothing.

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Keis B501W Premium Heated Ladies Body Warmer
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SKU: W54-372074

AVAILABILITY: Available Online

Product Type: Heated Clothing

Brand: Keis

SALE The B501W Premium Heated Ladies Bodywarmer includes all the heat generation technology of the V501 Premium Heated Vest, but uniquely styled with a women’s shape in mind… and includes a toasty-warm heated collar. The garment features Dual-Power compatibles, i.e....