Since 2001, Nexx helmets, a renowned Portuguese motorcycle helmet manufacturer, has been making a significant impact in the industry. Nexx's commitment to ensuring that every riding moment is enjoyable is reflected in its exclusive range of protective headwear. With its logo "Helmets for Life," the company emphasises its dedication to quality and safety. Each Nexx motorcycle helmet must pass rigorous testing across various weather and road conditions and meet a long list of specifications before receiving Nexx approval.

At MSG Bike Gear, we're proud to offer a diverse selection of Nexx motorcycle helmets to accommodate any riding style. From full-face helmets to modular helmets and more, we have the perfect Nexx helmet for you.

Browse through our collection to find the ideal Nexx motorcycle helmet that suits your needs. If you have any questions about Nexx helmets or wish to try one on, please don't hesitate to contact us or visit our store. We also offer a wide range of motorcycle gloves that complement your helmet purchase, keeping your hands safe during your rides.

Find your perfect Nexx motorcycle helmet today at MSG Bike Gear and enjoy a safe and comfortable ride.

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Nexx Switx SX10 Interchangeable Helmet Covers
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AVAILABILITY: Available Online

Product Type: Helmet Accessories & Spares

Brand: Nexx

      Colours: Red > Includes the Side Buttons Hot Orange > Does NOT Include the Side Buttons Pink > Includes the Side Buttons Customizable Kit suitable for helmet Switx SX.10 the Nexx brand. The Switx SX.10 Is Popular...

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Hot Orange
Nexx XR2 XR.2 Replacement Visor - Dark Smoke
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SKU: 04VISXR2020

AVAILABILITY: Available Online

Product Type: Visors

Brand: Nexx

Nexx replacement visorColour: 80% tint dark smokeFits: Nexx XR2 helmet