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HJC HJ-26 RPHA 11 Visor - Iridium Blue

HJC HJ-26 RPHA 11 Pinlock Ready Replacement Motorcycle Helmet Visor Iridium Blue - HJC -  - MSG BIKE GEAR

HJC HJ-26 RPHA 11 Visor - Iridium Blue


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HJC HJ-26 visors for HJC helmets that use the visor model code HJ-26. These HJC visors are available in many different colours, all the HJC HJ-26 visors are supplied with the Pinlock pins fitted for use with the Pinlock anti-fog inserts, the visor can be use with or without the Pinlock insert fitted. These visors also have the external tear-off posts attached for use with the racing films. The HJC visors are a quick release visor and no tools are needed to change the visor over. Only the clear & light tint options are suitable for use on the roads.


- Genuine HJC Part
- Pinlock prepared visor
- HJ-26 visor model code
- 6 different colours to choose from
- External racing post fitted

Fits the following Helmets

- RPHA 11